At Green Frog Utilities, we want to ensure you don’t have any worries or concerns over your gas supply – and that’s why we offer full MAM and MAP services to industrial and commercial customers nationwide.  Additionally, we can design, assemble and manufacture a full range of gas meters for all commercial needs.

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Viridis Phase 3


We provide a fully managed end-to-end metering and data service to our clients.

Meter Asset Providers

As Meter Asset Providers, Green Frog Utilities has the capability and authority to help finance entire metering installations for the gas and electricity markets.

With this service, Green Frog Utilities is the owner of the meter and leases the equipment to energy suppliers. We take care of all the technical details making sure the meter is managed and maintained over it’s lifetime safely and effectively until it is decommissioned.

Data services

With our data services, you can take advantage of having analytics at your fingertips.

  • You have access to the highest quality gas usage data.
  • Our team can advise you on how to understand and utilise this gas usage data.
  • Monitor and control your energy consumption and change behaviours.
  • Data can be provided directly to your gas supplier so no more estimated bills.

Meter Asset Management

As an accredited Meter Asset Manager (MAM), we provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to the industrial and commercial sectors.

Whether you are a developer, consultant, a large industrial user, or from the public sector, regardless of the portfolio requirements, you can talk to us directly about your gas metering needs.

By choosing us as your meter asset manager you could make big savings on your energy bill.

  • You have access to the highest quality gas usage data.
  • Once you understand your gas usage we can help you identify where you can make savings.
  • Our team can advise you on how to utilise this data to get the most from what you spend.

Meter design and construction

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Green Frog Mechanical Services, we are able to design and build specialist meters in-house needed by our clients for their gas connections. 

This means we are less reliant on third party suppliers and are able to offer shorter lead times and hence faster connections. 

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