Our experienced and trusted project managers take care of the whole connection process from start to finish so you can trust your connection will be operational on-time and on-budget.

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Connecting you to the network

Green Frog Utilities specialise in connecting your development to the gas distribution network.

As a Lloyds GIRS accredited construction provider, Green Frog Utilities can undertake new gas connections, alterations, diversions and disconnections across all pipe sizes and pressure tiers up to 7barg. We operate nationally and hold agreements with all of the gas distribution networks (GDN’s) throughout the country.

Where large capacities or higher pressure are required, Green Frog Utilities is also able, by arrangement with the regional GDN, to design and install gas connections operating at pressures greater than 7barg directly on to the Local Transmission Systems (LTS).

Our services

Connections (GIRS)

At Green Frog Utilities, we will get you connected to the network.  Along with our comprehensive design services, our in-house team of engineers can construct and connect new gas mains and services to the gas distribution network, providing our customers with a full turn-key solutions. 

The construction works associated with a major gas connection can be substantial. We are fully licenced and accredited by Lloyds for Construction/Commissioning/Connections (Routine) – CCCR and Connections (Non-Routine) Basic – CNRB scopes, meaning we are able to construct and connect gas networks of any pipe size and pressure tier up to 7 bar.


Major buildings and civil engineering schemes often need services to be altered or moved to facilitate construction. At Green Frog Utilities we are able to support this process and undertake a range of alterations and modifications to gas service pipes already connected to the gas distribution network. Our engineers are able to look at the most economical and practical solutions for each project. 

Connections (LTS)

In addition to our GIRS accreditation, Green Frog Utilities has a stellar track record of providing connection solutions to the LTS and we have been successfully audited and approved by Cadent Gas to self-lay and connect new large capacity infrastructure operating at pressures above 7bar to their network under the SLO/1 scheme.

We specialise in larger industrial, commercial, and power generation sectors and have undertaken some of the largest and most challenging connections to the GDN networks.  We undertake all aspects of the work where required but can adjust the scope to meet the specific client’s needs.


Under our GIRS accreditation and GDN agreements, at Green Frog Utilities we are able to undertake gas service disconnections, whether that is to permanently remove the service from the property/development, or temporarily remove to enable demolition and construction activities to proceed without disruption.

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