Brookfield Lane – DG Replacement

This scheme involved the wholesale replacement of an MP/LP district governor at Brookfield Lane, Churchdown, Gloucestershire.

The existing site consisted of an above ground multi-fed governor installation and a range of redundant above and below pipework. The governor installation, supplying the low-pressure gas to the village of Churchdown, had been identified as nearing the end of its serviceable life, with the redundant pipework in poor condition.

Green Frog Utilities, acting as principal contractor, were able to successfully complete the project both on time and on budget.


Brookfield Lane


Churchdown, Gloucestershire


Wales & West Utilities

Duration of contract

6 Weeks

Contract value

Circa. £50,000

Work content

  • Full project management
  • Site establishment, ensuring full compliance with licence agreement and to the satisfaction of the landowner
  • Decommissioning works to facilitate the abandonment and removal of the existing governor installation
  • Rationalisation of the redundant pipework, involving:
  • MP shut down on a 15” DI pipeline linking the Gloucester and Cheltenham distribution networks.
  • Installation of a 250NB off 15” UPT and under pressure drilling operation.
  • Flow stop operation using a folding plug flow stop to facilitate shut down and removal of redundant pipework.
  • Provision of civil works for new governor installation and compound.
  • Installation of governor installation and associated 125mm and 180mm PE pipework.
  • Pressure testing, pressurisation and commissioning of governor installation and associated pipework.
  • Provision of all as built records, drawings and material’s certification required to meet the clients standards, including physical and electronic copies.
  • Management of all SCO requirements including PTW and NROs.

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